Agricultural Management Solutions (AMS)

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Agricultural Management Solutions (AMS)

AMS Full-Line Brochure

Download Brochure: Agricultural Management Solutions (AMS), are available in the of dealer MASONS KINGS

What is AMS?

John Deere’s Agricultural Management Solutions (AMS) is a range of integrated products and services that maximise the performance of your machines and your business.

Who is it for?

Arable: Increase profitability with accurate guidance, remote support and online data tracking.

Contractor: Maximise productivity and deliver outstanding quality services to your customers.

Livestock: Cut input costs and improve hay and forage quality.

Speciality: Boost performance and profits with integrated guidance and repeatable accuracy.

What makes does it work with?

John Deere and all other makes.

Improve your performance in four key areas:

Receivers & Displays

Displays are an essential requirement for executing precision farming applications.

GreenStar 3 Display 2630
GreenStar 2 Display 1800

With our StarFire receivers you choose from 4 kinds of accuracy levels for the ultimate in scalable performance.

StarFire 6000
RTK Solutions

Guidance & Automation Agricultural Management Solutions (AMS), are available in the  of dealer MASONS KINGS

Guidance & Automation

A complete range of integrated satellite guidance and control systems, from manual to fully automated control.

  • Cut input costs
  • Reduce operator stress
  • Improve productivity

Learn more about John Deere Guidance & Automation

Precision Farming

A range of solutions that improve the efficiency of your crop production.

  • Work smarter
  • Save time, money and stress
  • Squeeze more profit from every hectare

Learn more about John Deere Precision Farming

Connected Farm Management

Your central location to connect to your fields, operators and machines.

  • Store, visualize and organize all field information
  • Manage jobs more efficiently
  • Proactive maintenance, remote service and support capabilities

Learn more about Connected Farm Management

Agricultural Management Solutions (AMS), are available in the of dealer MASONS KINGS