Pichon SA is a family-owned company with more than 40 years of experience in the design, manufacture and service comprehensive range of agricultural machinery and handling equipment. Along with being a leading agricultural manufacturer, Pichon are the French leading manufacturer of slurry solutions.

Slurry Tankers:

Pichon offers a wide range of slurry tankers with capacities varying from 570gal to 6,600gal, built for professional use. Recessed tankers are offered to enable users to fit axles with big diameter wheels. The total volume of the tanker is preserved: the loss of volume created by the recess is always compensated either by the length or the diameter of the tankers. Each tanker can be equipped with brackets enabling the user to modify their equipment in the future. Available in single axle, tandem or triaxle variants, the Pichon slurry tankers answer to the most demanding users’ expectations. Pichon build these tankers on demand so you get exactly what you ask for.

Slurry Mixers:

Pichon slurry mixers range from 5m to 10.5m long, allowing you to stir and homogenize the liquid manure within the pit. The liquid manure stored into pits sediments at the bottom and creates a crust on top. A regular mixing operation of the different levels is necessary. Pichon offers four lengths of mixers to fit various types of pits with variable depths. Easily attached to the tractor, Pichon mixers come with a hydraulic ram to adjust slope and a reinforced PTO shaft. The Pichon mixer design optimises positioning without constraints onto PTO shaft mechanism. Benefits are various: It reduces filling time, spreading is facilitated because the liquid manure runs out freely without obstruction, smells are reduced, slurry value is optimised as crops assimilate nutrients easier.


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