AGlaze Surface Protection

AGlaze Surface Protection
AGlaze Surface Protection

Protect Your Investment, With AGlaze Surface Protection

AGlaze has been formulated to protect your newly acquired asset over the forthcoming years, protecting the paintwork, including that on wheels for up to 3 years and more! During this period, maintenance is minimal as AGlaze does all the necessary protecting for you.

AGlaze surface sealants are made from a unique blend of Flurocarbon polymers, using up to date technology that not only repels water but also oily and fatty substances. It protects from UV rays preventing UV damage and reduces friction which aids cleaning and improves the flow of air and fluid over the treated surface. It also gives a permanent shine reducing the need for washing, saving time and labour

AGlaze surface sealants have been engineered to suit applications to many surfaces including paint finishes, carbon fibre, gel coats, textiles, metals and even polished stone and ceramic finishes.

  • Protects against
    • Acid Rain
    • The Sun's UV Rays
    • Colour Fading
    • Oxidisation & Fallout
    • Snow, Ice & Salt
    • Bird Dropping Damage
  • Ensures a continuous showroom shine
  • Prolongs the paint life of your machine
  • Aids easy washing
  • Needs no conservers to maintain the seal

AGlaze is available through Masons Kings when you purchase your new machine